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The Self Directed, Self Made Success eBook goes beyond the basics and shares the strategy used by the top 3% wealthiest investors. This is a guide to teach you how to become a Self Directed Investor. You’ll discover how millions of others are benefiting from the extraordinary benefits of self directed investing by taking control of their own financial well being.

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A good thing to know if you are just starting out or you have investment that are not doing anything for you it is great information.

James Murray

Greg is extremely knowledgable. This is a clear, concise, and effective book, just like your real estate strategy needs to be. Essentially an FAQ presentation of pertinent funding and real estate strategies that anyone can benefit from.

Jay Stur

Valuable read! A must have for all interested in creatively compounding assests. Herlean's tried and true methods revealed in this straight forward short read.


Greg presents invaluable information in a simple to understand manor. This is a must read for all who are considering or are in the Real Estate Investment business. I refer back to this book often as I build my REI business.

Doug Wells