Horizon Trust 2024 Tax Calendar (Download)

Click on the link to see all important account updates and deadlines clients need to be aware of for this tax year.

Important Reminders

Client Responsibilities

Here is a list of client responsibilities and deadlines to be aware of before the end of the current tax year:

  • 1099s will be available in January.
  • All FMV forms and supporting documents will be due to Horizon Trust by the end of March.
  • 5498 will be available to clients in the portal (available by email or mail upon request).
  • May 31st will be the last day to file Form 5498 electronically.
  • July 15th will be the last day to sign 5500 for previous fiscal year by our Third Party Administrator before automatic extension for the plan (*5500 Extension Filing Fee Applies)
  • Contribution recharacterization requests are due to Horizon Trust Company by September 16th. 
  • October 15th: The IRS deadline to remove an excess IRA contribution that occurred in the prior year for IRA owners who timely filed their federal income tax return or otherwise received an extension of time to file. 
  • October 15th: Last day to sign 5500 with extension filed by our TPA.
  • December 16th: Horizon Trust Company deadline for RMD submissions to ensure processing by end of year. 

Contributions and RMDs

  • All contributions and RMDs for the previous tax year must be made or taken by the end of the tax season (April 16th).

Custodian Responsibilities

  • Horizon Trust will be required to file the 1099-R electronically by March 31st. 

Quarterly Statements

  • All quarterly statements will be available in the client portal the month following the end of the quarter on the 15th or 16th of the month.  

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