Earn $ 100

earn $100

Here is how the Horizon
Trust Referral Program Works

Tell us the names, phone numbers and email addresses of the people in your life that you’d like to refer

We will contact your referral via phone and email to open their account. Our transfers team will work with your referral to get the account funded.

They’ll experience Horizon Trust’s high level of customer service and Self Directed investment resources and tools – AND you’ll receive a $100 gift card!

You’ve taken financial control of your retirement account.
It’s time the special people in your life took control too!
Your friends and family matter to you, and you matter to us.

Refer your friends and family to Horizon Trust and earn a $100 gift card! Earn a $100 gift card for every referral who opens and funds a new account with our team at Horizon Trust.

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is here to help!