SELF-DIRECTED IRAS It’s Time to Discover
the Power of a Self-Directed IRA

With a Self-Directed IRA, you are in the driver’s seat, and hold the power and make the investment decisions of your account.
Take control and gain the advantages of both traditional and nontraditional investment options.

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What is a Self-Directed IRA?

An SDIRA, or self-directed individual retirement account is held by a custodian, where YOU choose YOUR investment, from a wide variety of alternative assets, that aren’t available to you in a “traditional” IRA. A SDIRA is a personal savings account for you retirement savings that provides tax-deferred or tax-free savings.

No matter what the investment is YOU HAVE CONTROL!

A Traditional IRA is an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that is held at a custodial institution and may be invested in anything that the IRS allows.
A Roth IRA is a special type of retirement plan where qualified distributions are tax-free.
SEP IRAs are adopted by business owners to provide retirement benefits for the business owners and their employees.
A SIMPLE IRA is designed for small businesses with 100 employees or less, as well as self-employed individuals.
A solo 401(k) is an individual 401(k) designed for a business owner with no employees.
A Health Savings Account (HSA) can reduce your health insurance premiums by as much as 70%, while you set aside funds to pay for current and future medical expenses.
Coverdell Education Savings Accounts allow individuals to invest funds for educational purposes.
With Horizon Trust as your SDIRA Custodian you not only grow your retirement with tax advantages, but you’ll also receive top ranked service.

Your Ultimate Guide To
Self-Guided Success

Your retirement is of utmost importance to you, and it’s also important to us. Our ultimate retirement guide will tell you everything you need to help ensure the success of your self-directed retirement account. In it, you’ll find the differences between various retirement accounts and the many wealth accumulation vehicles, including real estate, and more.