SELF-DIRECTED Individual 401KIndividual 401K Plans: Self-Managed & Self-Directed Benefits

An Individual (k) has many features and benefits that are unique to this plan.
  • Large Contributions. You can put more money in this plan, in excess of $50,000 each year per person.
  • Choose Your Tax Benefit. Contributions can be made tax free (Roth), tax deductible (traditional) or both.
  • No Income Limits. You can make Roth contributions directly to the plan even if you are a high income earner.
  • Flexible Contributions. You have the flexibility to change your contributions from year to year based on your income and profitability.
  • Personal Line of Credit. You can create a personal or business “line of credit” by personally taking loans from your Individual (k) and paying the interest back to your account.
  • Tax Free Loans. The loan feature allows you to access money in your retirement account when you need it, without paying taxes or penalties, just interest to yourself.

All Individual (k) plans are not created equal

We worked hard to create a plan that marries all the benefits of the Indi (k) with the simplicity of selfdirecting your account through Horizon Trust.

The Horizon Trust Individual(k) is “Remarkably Different” from all others

  • Complete Control. The ability to self-direct your individual(k) account. You can invest in traditional investments like stocks and mutual fundsbut also have the ability to invest in real estate, FOREX, trust deeds, notes, tax liens and virtually anything else you can imagine.
  • One call does it all. Horizon Trust is the only company you will need to call to answer questions and service your account. No more calling your custodian and your administrator to get things done.
  • Flexible Fee Payment Options. Unlike other plans that require you to write a check upfront for all your fees, you can choose to pay your fees by check, credit card or have them deducted from your account once it is set up. *
  • Simplified paperwork. Our qualified plan application is short and straightforward unlike most Indi (k) paperwork.
  • Save Money. We offer the most competitive fees in the industry. Now, everyone can afford to have an Individual (k).

*If you choose to pay your fees from inside your account simply pay the set-up fee of $350. All other fees will be deducted once your plan is established and your transfer, rollover or contribution is received.

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