Planning for your retirement can be a struggle, especially if you don’t know where to start. If you’ve considered opening a self-directed IRA, you can take control of your future and plan your nest egg.

As you prepare for your retirement with your self-directed IRA, there are many investment options open to you. The benefit of having an SDIRA is that it allows you to invest in alternative assets.

However, you may be interested in building your diverse portfolio using a combination of alternative and traditional assets. If you are looking to invest in stock using your SDIRA, here are some things to keep in mind.


Identify Your Investments & Perform Your Due Diligence


To truly take advantage of your SDIRA, account holders should explore all their possible investment options and create a diversified portfolio. Using a directed IRA means tax advantages and long-term growth for your account. However, it’s more difficult to invest in traditional assets with this type of account. It’s important to remember you can have more than one IRA account.

Additionally, you can easily move funds from one account to another without suffering any tax penalties for withdrawals. If you choose to spread your IRA funds, you can benefit more over time. With solid passive income backing up your savings, you can easily dig into the stock market.

With back-up revenue, you can make riskier choices for a bigger payout without the burden of losing everything you’ve managed to save. Then again, you don’t want to throw money away. Pay attention to where you are putting money; perform your due diligence as you select your stock options and monitor them.

All asset values need to be reported to your IRA custodian, regardless of whether they are peaked or have dropped. If you wish to use your SDIRA to invest, you can look into opening a limited liability company account.


Using a Self-Directed IRA LLC


Opening a limited liability company, or LLC gives you checkbook control over your account. If you wish to invest in anything quickly, you have the authority to write the checks to buy and sell without the authorization of an IRA custodian. If you wish to explore stock options, you can open a brokerage account in your LLC’s name.

This assures that you will be making all your purchases using your SDIRA LLC and avoids the problem of prohibited transactions. This option allows account holders to have immediate access to funds to buy and sell stocks in a publicly traded company.

Additionally, you can avoid any unrelated business taxable income by using your IRA to purchase stocks. Of course, it’s best to perform your due diligence; be careful to go over the rules set by the internal revenue service(IRS) to avoid any prohibited transactions and the disqualification of your account. Avoid triggering UBTI with your LLC.


Consult with Horizon Trust


Invest in What You Know


Buying up any types of investments because they are popular is not a good strategy, especially with stocks. The next “big” thing can sometimes inflate quickly and then pop just as fast leaving you with an empty nest egg. Buying what you are familiar with can help you in the long-run. Take care to invest in assets that you can trust, have longevity, and something you have an interest in. The most important part of investing is keeping an eye on the markets; anything could change.

Who could have predicted the rise of computers? Another example of a surprise market is the rise of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. On the other hand, long-time business moguls and corporations are seeing the end of their days, like Toys R Us and Bon Ton.

With any of your investments, watch economic trends and keep in mind how lives are changing. What exactly does the future hold and what is the next big investment? Vigilance and research are key components to a successful portfolio.


Be Open to Alternative Assets


Don’t limit yourself to just one investment. Having alternative assets in your traditional IRA or Roth IRA can pad your portfolio and protect against any unpredictability you may encounter. Having passive income can help your retirement fund grow if the stock market is low or stagnant.

Having a self-directed IRA opens the door to many other assets that offer physical collateral or a binding contract that will ensure account security.

In addition to stocks, you can invest in real estate, private business, notes and loans, precious metals, or tax liens. Depending on the type of IRA you choose, your fund will grow tax-deferred or tax-free. Having a diversified portfolio will ensure long-term growth for your retirement account.

As you explore the options your self-directed IRA has to offer, keep in mind to perform your due diligence and ensure that your account is set up properly. Watch your investments grow, and before long, you will be enjoying your secure nest egg.