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Tax Advantage Accounts: Efficient Investing for Retirement

Tax Advantaged” Defined: Being “tax advantaged” applied to any type of investment, account or plan that is either exempt from taxation, tax-deferred or offers other types of tax benefits.

Tax-advantaged investments and accounts are used by a wide variety of investors and employees in various financial situations. Selecting the proper type of tax-advantaged accounts or investments depends on an investor’s financial situation.

Self Directed Accounts ARE Tax Advantaged Accounts

A Self Directed Retirement Account is…

  • A personal savings account for your retirement savings
  • Provides Tax-deferred or Tax-free savings
  • Allows investment in traditional and non-traditional assets

No matter what the investment is YOU HAVE CONTROL!


There are different Self Directed IRA types to choose from. Each account type has unique features and choosing the right one for you is very important. The types of Self Directed IRA accounts include:

There are also other tax advantage accounts which include: