An exciting and new investment opportunity 10 years in the making has the financial world rushing to invest. Bitcoin is a new, internet-based currency that has not only grown in popularity but is reaching record heights in net-worth. The first “cryptocurrency” was created, and Bitcoin exists on a blockchain (a public ledger) hosted on the internet. Bitcoin are used as payment for goods and services worldwide and to track the worth of assets, price, expenditure and income.

As the business world grows and technology integrates throughout, it allows investors to take advantage of these new opportunities. With this technological shift in finances, self-directed IRA account holders can consider investing in this new-age asset in order to build up their retirement. While cryptocurrency is still fresh on the market, buying Bitcoin can broaden your financial portfolio and provide a decent gain if the proper steps are taken.


Advantages of Investing in Bitcoin


Bitcoin has been dubbed “digital gold,” mainly because of its capped supply. There will never be more than the current 21 million Bitcoin available. This action protects from currency inflation making it very much like precious metal. Another benefit of investing in a Bitcoin is its worldwide appeal. The exchange is not focused locally.

If you choose to invest in Bitcoin, the process puts you in charge of your asset. You don’t have to rely on a custodian to choose and purchase your coins. They exist independently from stocks, savings, and bonds. Much like gold, their value does not drop when other currency values drop. If done properly, investing in Bitcoin could prove to be profitable for your retirement fund.


Setting Up your Investment with your SDIRA


Before you can use Bitcoin to invest in your retirement, it’s important to take out a self-directed IRA, whether it is a traditional IRA or Roth. Bitcoin is considered a “non-traditional” investment. While your custodian will not be handling your Bitcoin directly, it would be wise to choose one well-versed in the IRS laws surrounding this type of investment. Once you have a custodian, they will have you set up an LLC account.

LLC accounts allow you to become the appointed manager of your funds, which you can use as you see fit. The LLC account allows you to stay within IRS compliance when purchasing Bitcoin. As the account manager, you have to be aware of all the prohibited actions.

Bitcoin investments are treated with the same restrictions as similar assets. It’s important for the account holder to report the fair market value of their assets to their custodian each year, regardless.  All transactions made with this account are owned by your account. Before investing, be sure to perform your due diligence and research the regulations surrounding purchasing and selling with your LLC.


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Using Your LLC


When investing in Bitcoin using your LLC fund, the first step is opening a cryptocurrency exchange account. They cannot be bought with the account funds alone; investors must choose an exchange that allows the purchase under your LLC. While it may be easier to open it with your own name, you have to be wary of the prohibited transaction rules – transactions are only allowed through your LLC.

Another option for purchasing cryptocurrency is through decentralized exchanges. These exchanges bypass the difficulty of using your LLC account, but they aren’t readily accessible and are relatively new.

Once you manage to establish your account, the next step is using a wallet to hold and track your currency. It should be noted that any growth of your account cannot be accessed without penalty until you’ve reached retirement age. Also, all financial transactions must be handled within your LLC.


Bitcoin Wallets Applications


As the account holder, you dictate buying, selling, and holding your Bitcoin. For smaller accounts, it may be easier to leave the coins within the exchange. With a larger amount, the currency could be held in a Bitcoin wallet application. These applications utilize private keys to authorize any coin movement, and there are a few different applications available. Many of these wallet apps have varying degrees of security. While these applications hold bitcoins securely, if someone else gains access to your account, they can steal your investment. Perform your due diligence when selecting your wallet app in order to secure your assets.

A Changing Market and a Balanced Portfolio


Digital currency is still relatively new. The state can be very unpredictable. One day numbers could reach a record high, and the next it could crash. While it may be a very enticing investment, the total value of Bitcoin is unclear. Also, with the introduction of cyber currency, there are also predators. Digital security is a valid concern, though new programs are being developed to protect these assets.

Before investing, it is crucial to research your options and stay on top of the market. Self-directed IRA LLCs allow for multiple self-managed investment opportunities and a broader range of assets. This variety provides great protection of your assets, ensuring long-term growth and can prove beneficial for the overall security of your retirement fund. In a new digital age, the market is ever-changing, and the opportunities are endless.