With so much change in the financial world, prepping for retirement can be a daunting task. Many people don’t know where to begin when it comes to building retirement savings, and with unpredictable market values, you could be left with more questions than answers.

When looking into investment options to secure your future, consider opening a self-directed IRA account. The are many reasons to invest in an SDIRA, and as it is with all financial ventures, it’s best to perform your due diligence to choose the most optimal plan for building your nest egg. Before considering a more traditional market, here are some compelling reasons to open a self-directed IRA account.


1. A Self-Directed IRA puts You in the Driver’s Seat


Opening an SDIRA account allows you to have complete control of your finances. You decide where to invest your hard-earned money to get the maximum benefit from your account. Being in charge gives you the freedom to choose your assets. In addition, you can select the IRA custodian that is right for you. The possibilities are endless, especially if you are well-versed in the alternate asset options available to self-directed accounts.


2. Various Alternative Investments


While bank trusts follow the traditional investments of stocks, bonds, or treasury, SDIRA accounts allow you to dive into approved alternative assets. Many people take advantage of real estate investment, or other property purchases like mortgages notes, trust deeds, or rental properties. Precious metals and Bitcoin are also to viable options to build a solid portfolio to grow your nest egg. While there are rules against investing in particular assets, you can consult an IRA custodian in order to set up your account for maximum benefit.


3. Tax-Free or Tax-Deferred Earnings


One of the best perks SDIRA account holders receive comes from the tax breaks. A traditional SDIRA allows for immediate tax breaks; you will not have to pay taxes on your funds until you start taking out distributions during retirement. This allows for exponential long-term growth as you pay into your account.

If you want to avoid the tax hit during retirement, a self-directed Roth IRA allows you to pay the tax up-front. This method allows you to make regular withdraws during your golden years tax-free. While both accounts have their benefits, ultimately you have the choice of how and where to invest your retirement money.


4. Flexible Potential Growth


In addition to alternative assets and various accounts, your ability to choose allows you to set up your investments for the best possible growth. You are not limited to one asset. In fact, the best way to ensure long-term prosperity is by having a versatile portfolio. With so many alternative assets available, you can select an option with a steady and reliable income generation, as well as an option with faster, albeit riskier, pay-out. Flexibility in your account allows for more security if one of your assets should run into difficulty. By establishing a strong base, your wealth should be secure.


5. Increased Long-Term Growth


By taking advantage of the diverse asset options, your nest egg can grow according to your investments. While traditional IRA and Roth IRAs will have growth, an SDIRA allows for options which will have more steady income. With the market value of stocks ever-changing, it’s possible to have a sudden drop in your savings. Most alternative assets have a low-risk factor that protect against any surprise market spikes. In addition, branching out from the traditional options can boost your fund depending on the path you take.


6. Easy to Get Started


With an SDIRA, it can be as simple as opening account with the appropriate funding. Using an IRA consult to set up your assets, you can make regular, annual contributions to your account and watch it grown. If you have any existing accounts, you can roll them over or transfer them into your self-directed IRA. It’s a matter of deciding which account would provide you with the most optimum set-up for a comfortable nest egg.



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7. Added Protection in Assets


Unlike traditional investments, the various markets open to self-directed account holders are more stable. Alternative assets like real estate and precious metals are considered low-risk. In addition to more secure markets, when set up correctly, your portfolio can account for any losses that may be generated by an unforeseen circumstance. For instance, if someone were to default on a private loan, not only would you have a secure contract to ensure that your wealth was protected, the other assets in your account would still provide revenue for your retirement.


8. Invest in What You Know


Taking control of your retirement with an SDIRA allows you to dive into assets that you are experienced with. If real estate is your area of expertise, you can build a portfolio based on your person knowledge and optimize it to benefit your future. In the same instance, if you are more familiar with the precious metal market, or the new wave of cryptocurrency you can use it to your advantage to pad your retirement fund.


9. Tangible Collateral


Unlike stock bonds, alternative assets can provide you with physical collateral. Investments like rental properties, deeds of trust, land, or precious metals have tangible quality and a steady market value. This adds a layer of security to your retirement plan. For instance, should you have to foreclose on a deed of trust, you will still have control of the property. Following the foreclosure, you can choose to rent or sell the property. The added benefit of having tangible collateral is that it provides a physical representation of your investment that can be exchanged or improved upon. You have control of your asset.


10. Secure Future for You and Your Family


Perhaps the most beneficial reason to open an SDIRA account is to safeguard your funds for your future. Unlike the unpredictable stock market and government programs, you control your wealth. In addition to enjoying your retirement funds when you come of age, your self-directed account can be passed down to your children. Not only are you able to secure your future, but your legacy as well.

The most beneficial aspect of a self-directed account is the freedom. As you explore your investment options, you can take control of your future, design your own portfolio, and take advantage of the tax benefits offered by traditional or Roth IRAs. Perform your due diligence and discover which alternative assets stand to boost your retirement fund so you can not only live comfortably in your golden years but ensure security for your children.